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Ann Eubank JeffCo/ShelbyCo Chair




Melody Warbington GOP Tea Party Liaison 


Steve Johnson Energy Team and acting Alabama Legislative Watchdog Team


Apryl Marie Fogle Commications Team Leader 


Steve Ross God and Country 


Ann Whitten Tuscaloosa RDP Delegation 


Dexter Bland Calhoun RDP Delegation 


Roger Hill Walker Country RDP 


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Letter to Senator Sessions

We know Senator Sessions stands strong and Senator Shelby has a statement on his website against amnesty. We must share this with our out of town family and friends. Call, Face Book and Tweet this information, then call

Speaker Boehners office, 202.225.0600 and The White House, 202.456.1414

@SpeakerBoeher  @WhiteHouse 

Senate: 202.224.3121

We must support Senator Sessions in this effort! 


August 11, 2014

The Honorable Jeff Sessions

Dear Senator Sessions,

We are writing to express our gratitude for your steadfast commitment to upholding our U.S. Constitution and standing by your principles. We support you and encourage you to keep up the good work. We know that often elected officials only hear from constituents and groups when we are making specific requests, but on behalf of the thousands of people represented by our individual groups, we are writing to say Thank You!

You know well our Alabama State Motto, We Dare Defend Our Rights, and you, Dare Defend the Law of our Land, the U.S. Constitution. We Alabamians guard our rights within our State borders, and admire your unyielding lead in the Senate. Your words and actions show that you still believe in us, the American people; you understand the strength and power of our ranks. We the “tireless minority” of Patriots manning the phones and burning up the switchboards in DC have heeded your clarion call. We continue to be energized by your support and leadership, and appreciate you remembering why you are in Washington.

The Master of the Senate’s Universe, Harry Reid, has met his match! We the folks that have and will continue to challenge Harry Reid as we visit the Mall in DC, write and call his office and yours, appreciate that someone in Washington has the backbone to tell him “he works for us.” Finally we have a champion of the people, not the illegals, not the special interests, not the media. Anti-American organizations like La Raza have the backs of the illegals; We the U.S. Citizens have Senator Jeff Sessions, the Amnesty Slayer!

The Conservative grassroots are frustrated with the political class not seeing, nor willing to acknowledge the old media, “The Same Stream Media”, for what they are, a wing of the far left political agenda. The New Media, blogs, online news sites and online TV shows are now the news. The Conservative grassroots, the New Media and the real stalwarts of the Constitution, can be found in these new Media formats. You recognized this in a recent Breitbart online article calling it the “backbone of the conservative movement.”

We appreciate your leadership. You are a man of influence and strength, character and spirit. God Bless you Senator Session! You Dare Defend Our Rights!


Suzanne (Zan) Green, Founder of Rainy Day Patriots

And the following signers:

Ann Eubank, Jefferson-Shelby County Chair, Rainy Day Patriots

Apryl Marie Fogel, Communications Director Rainy Day Patriots

Steve Johnson, Rainy Day Patriots Energy Team and Alabama Legislative Watchdogs Co-Chair

Jodi McDade, Co-Chair Alabama Legislative Watchdogs

Dawn Ray, Vice President Republican Women of Shelby County and Team Leader of Rainy Day Patriots

Ann Whitten, Tuscaloosa Rainy Day Patriots Chair
Marcia M. Chambliss, Alabama State Coordinator Smart Girl Politics Action Ronald R Hei, Ph.D., CoChair CSTPPCC
Carol L Moreau, D.S., CoChair CSTPPCC
Bash Agricola, Montgomery Tea Party
Steve Ross, Rainy Day Patriots God and Country Team

Danny B. Joyner, Commander Alabama Patriots

Frank and Dorothea Dillman, Patriots of Liberty TEA Party, Auburn

Dr. Terry B. Batton, Founder / President Barbour County, AL. Tax Enough Already Party Phil. 1:3, 6

Dexter Bland, Calhoun County Rainy Day Patriots Chair Barbara Moore, Wiregrass Round Table Group
Jim Hall, Dauphin Island Rainy Day Patriots Chair
Roger Hill, Walker County Tea Party RDP Chair

Harold Matthews, Conservative Patriots Club
Paul Reynolds, Alabama National Committeeman and Republican National Committee Dee Shirley, President, Republican Women of Shelby County
Becky Gerritson, President Wetumpka TEA Party
Judy Whidbee, Former VP Wetumpka TEA Party
Joseph Downs, Alabama Tea Party Network
Clyde Northrop, Common Sense Party Patriots of Covington County
Dr. Lou Campomenosi, President Callie Goodrum, Common Sense Campaign
Alex Balkcum, Patriots of Liberty Tea Party
Betty Peters, Alabama SBOE Dist 3
Joseph B Read
Eunie Smith, President Eagle Form of Alabama
Ricky Richerson North Baldwin Tea Party
Cindy G. Cheaves, Coordinator Patriots of Liberty Auburn/Opelika 



To the People of Alabama

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Maxwell/Gunter Flier action event

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Immigration to Governor Bentley

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