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Immigration Letter to Governor Robert Bentley

June 23, 2014
Suzanne Green, Founder
Rainy Day Patriots
1401 Doug Baker Boulevard #107-104 Birmingham, AL 36242

The Honorable Robert J. Bentley
Governor of Alabama
600 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, AL 36130

Dear Governor Bentley:

As always, “We Dare Defend Our Rights,” our Sovereign State and border. The situation on the US southern border is of grave concern. While everyone has sympathy for the plight of any child, we are first charged to defend Alabama’s children. Alabama has its own issues to contend with which include, unemployment, fighting the EPA, the overcrowded prison system, and the disagreement over how to educate our own children, just to mention a few. We agree with President Obama when he stated; “Our laws should respect families following the rules instead of splitting them apart.” The US should send these children back to their families as soon as possible. Warehousing them in various corners of the US will only hinder this process.

If President Obama ignores his Constitutional Duty to defend this nation against a tide of illegals, and Congress sits idle while the Attorney General seeks lawyers to defend these illegals, then the duty falls on our States. Our own Senator Sessions penned an article calling Obama’s action “lawless.” Also, the invaders streaming across our southern border are not all children. Many reports and photos show older men and gang members in the mix.

The United States has a legal immigration system, and we all agree that legal immigration has always added to the fabric of this nation. Once assimilated into the methods of the left, illegals will create a voting block that will overwhelm our system, create a new permanent underclass, and destroy middle class America.

We the People of Alabama respectfully request that Gov. Bentley (and our
elected State Senators and Representatives) take a proactive stand by writing the Director of FEMA and the Sec. of Health and Human Services. We must tell them that Alabama cannot support lawlessness, nor do we have resources available to house illegal aliens in our communities. Governor Bentley should also demand prior notification regarding any plan involving Alabama.
Our children and our interests must be protected by not allowing any of these manufactured “refugees” from being sent to Alabama. A Country without a border is chaos!

Zan Green, President and Founder Rainy Day Patriots Tea Party
Cindy G. Cheavers, Coordinator Patriots of Liberty TEA Party Auburn-Opelika
Woody Wood, QART Chapter Leader John Birch Society
Dr. Terry B. Batton, Founder / President Barbour County, AL.
Tax Enough Already Party Phil. 1:3, 6
Dexter Bland, Delegation Chair Calhoun County Rainy Day Patriots
Ann Eubank, Legislative Chair Rainy Day Patriots
Alex Balkcum!
Patriots of Liberty Tea Party
Alabama Legislative Watchdogs
Becky Gerritson, President Wetumpka Tea Party
Roger Hill,
Walker County Tea Party
Bash Agricola, Leader Montgomery Tea Party
Ricky Richerson!
North Baldwin Tea Party
John D. Jordan, Leader Prattville TEA Party
Eunie Smith Eagle Forum
Sandra K. Daniel and Butch Daniel
Brenda B. Bowen! Greenville TEA Party Patriots
Ronald R. Hei, Ph.D. Co Chair Carol L. Moreau, D.S. Co Chair Common Sense Tea Party Patriots of Covington County
Chuck and Mary Lynn Bailey Gurley Tea Party
Dr. Lou Campomenosi, President Callie Goodrum, Common Sense Campaign
Apryl Marie Fogel Communications Director Rainy Day Patriots

CC: Alabama federal congressional delegation transmitted via email.


Immigration to Governor Bentley

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Shiver Press Release

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