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Common Core does not belong in Alabama


Common Core does not belong in Alabama

"Common Core Standards" or "CCSSI" as it relates to Information, discussion and the latest happenings and updates to this issue in Alabama.

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Common Core Text Book Example

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Comment by ed vance on March 19, 2015 at 10:50am

Ann, let me simplify my position a bit. I'm sure you know plenty when you sling off info about money spent and who has been quoted as saying this or that about CCRS. Also, as I said, I am not defending these standards on purely educational grounds. I and others professionals have agreed that some of the standards are not as good as they should be. The problem is this: I and most professional educators in the trenches don't see the politics that you and your followers see. When you or anyone else sit down and read these standards you will not read any crazy lesson plans. Why? Because lesson plans are not what standards are. Standards are different from the lessons. In the demonstration videos you might have seen when Common Core was introduced they used examples about how a teacher might successfully do a lesson but AGAIN these lessons are not standards. We could both go today and walk through almost any classroom in Alabama and we would witness good lessons and some not so good, just like we'd see great behaviors and some not so great. What I doubt we'd see is what you say is going on. But, I have no doubt at all that you could interpret for us when the commie plots are being hatched and where all the socialist propaganda is. I would just see teachers attempting to increase student engagement, they'd be assessing prior knowledge and asking higher level thinking questions than they were before. These are some every day things teachers are doing in order to comply with Common Core. No politics, no leftie agendas....just trying to do a better job than they were before. That's what my teachers were doing and I'm betting they're doing it this morning. But you continue to give speeches and don't forget to mention Obama and his stupid Race To The Top (probable agreement here) and the math dude you referenced. You might even want to toss in George Soros...he'd be someone neat to mention cause we all agree on that guy. That way your devoted followers can all walk in lock step agreeing all the way. I just hope you'll forgive some of us who just see standards. READ ONE AND SHARE WITH ME WHAT YOU FEAR leaving out its origins and the tin foil crap. We might even agree on something other than Soros and Hilary and the IRS. 

Comment by Ann Eubank on March 17, 2015 at 10:33pm
Contrary to your arrogant position that only educators can talk about standards and curriculum, I know the difference. I know how textbooks are chosen, I have not only reviewed textbooks and testified for and against certain books, but I understand that the usual suspects that they place on these committees usually don't even read the books. They just rubber stamp the favorites of the chair. By forcing the state to take a Common Core aligned national assessment, we are driving curriculum. Standards and curriculum line up with assessments. You know that, but you think I don't. I have worked in education, you can't BS me. I am in accounting, and spent countless hours going over the ETF budget. I know how much Common Core cost, do you? Do you know that the ETF owes 2,744,000,000. (That's 2 billion in case you have a problem with numbers). Do you know that we stopped a 20 year 100 million educational bond issue to pay for computers that would have been obsolete in 3 years? Do not mistake me for a tin foil hat wearer (although I have one for my speech) who has not researched the federal connections. It is you who has his head buried in the sand, and who refuses to do the research that will back- up what I have said. Our ARI and AMSTI Programs were working until CCSS. we took money from those programs for CCRS (aka College and Career Ready Standards). The CCRS do not prepare anyone for college. Just Google Jason Zimba and listen to him in his own words tell you that. In case you don't know who Jason Zimba is, he is the person who wrote the math standards in Common Core. 5 people wrote them. Check them out, don't believe me. I DARE YOU TO CHECK THEM OUT. Then get back to me.
Comment by ed vance on March 17, 2015 at 9:40pm

Ann, I'm sure you are an accomplished person. You sound well read and we'd probably have a great time discussing our children or grandchildren or whatever. But, on this topic I come from a very simple position. I was a school principal just 2.5 months ago and we didn't get too excited about who financed Common Core. We never identified any Obama executive orders. It worries me to hear someone say they're an expert when they don't deal with whatever it is every day. Are you a teacher or have you observed teachers doing lessons attempting to meet the standards. If you were just an average person debating this issue I'd say you were confused about how the standards work. The standards are not lessons. The text books are not the standards. If a text book slants the handling of the environment or makes Obama sound like the second coming, that is not the standards, it biased people responsible for writing the text books. But when you tell me about how school counselors collect data about attitudes making this sound sinister....that is absolutely ridiculous. It's actually worse than that. It either people making up stuff or maybe they aren't doing their homework....like talking to real counselors. I'd suggest you read the standards....not the text books. One thing is for sure, writing pamphlets and giving speeches and scaring parents with language using sexuality is not impressive to me. Like I said, these standards may not be much better or any better than the previous ones, but they were not written by Michelle Obama in the Lincoln bedroom. Oh yea, the math. I love the signs I saw kids toting around in protest....numbers not adding up and such. Have you asked a teacher about that? Try it. Ask a math teacher who actually gets the concept and report that when you give your next speech. Debates like this waste our time. Its almost like this fight was created by liberals to side track us into not dealing with the important issues. I also hate it that to be an official conservative you have to be 100% on all the conspiracies that are floated by our all knowing conservative leaders. I think for myself. I also don't have a solid answer about climate change. That's because I am not a climate scientist but mostly because I don't care. What really got me was when the idiots in the legislature wanted to toss out the standards they had no concept of how that would have harmed the schools. The language of the law would have prevented schools from using the text books they had and there weren't any other text books in the wings ready to break out and use. That was beyond reckless. Are you aware what a text book adoption looks like and what it costs and how long it takes? Probably not and you probably don't care. But when you deal with this every day...you have to know and you have to care. Again, actually read a standard and explain how the words are harmful without talking about Mr. Gates and all the liberals behind every tree. I'd be all ears on that.

Comment by Ann Eubank on March 17, 2015 at 7:21pm
Ed, I have read the Alabama Common Core standards and I have also read the Massachusetts standards that produced the highest ranked students in the country before CCSI was implemented and compared. CCSS are garbage. The classics are cut by 50% and replaced with Obama's executive orders. That is fact, not fiction. I am an expert in what they are, how they began, and what the "end game" is. I have given at least 50 speeches all over the state of Alabama, been on the Stop Common Core tour, done a commercial, written two booklets and given them to the legislature. I know that Gates Foundation paid billions of dollars to develop, promote and implement them. Why? I have spent thousands of hours researching who wrote them, who paid for them, and what the agenda is. DONT TELL ME I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. If you are a conservative, you obviously think it is ok that we teach our children that America is a bad country. You think that it's ok that we subject our children to the big sociology experiment called Common Core by collecting data, assigning a counselor from K thru 12 and onto work years to collect and report attitudes, beliefs, and behavior? Experts all over the country have written about how the standards are age inappropriate and sexualize the teaching materials at a very young age. I have spoken with countless parents and listened to the real stories of their experiences with Common Core. I have debated School Board member Mary Scott Hunter twice and both times she was proven wrong and I was right. The teaching materials that teach a left wing agenda are real. They are not made up and they are certainly not misunderstood. Go check out the PEARSON textbooks for any grade. The environmentalism in every chapter and every question is appalling. They have never been tested, nor were they internationally benchmarked as reported. That was a lie. Do yourself a favor, go to Truth in American Education, or watch Dr Duke Pesta, or just google " what's wrong with Common Core" learn what CCSS truly is, then YOU get back with ME. YOU embarrass ME, if you truly are a conservative.
Comment by ed vance on March 17, 2015 at 1:57pm

I am Politically to the right in almost every area...but when I first heard about the debate over Common Core I was extremely disappointed. I'm wondering if any of you folks have ever bothered to read the standards personally. You would criticize libs who listened to MSNBC and quoted from it as the gospel, but you listen to these idiots who claim horrible and idiotic classroom lessons abound because of CC and you swallow it completely. Common Core may not turn out to be all that great, but the political agendas and especially the ridiculous math lessons you are hearing about are either totally made up or are misunderstood. The only teachers who don't like Common Core are the same ones who didn't like the last bit of change they were asked to make. I am a brand new retired principal and I have no more reason to say anything but the truth. Download some of the ACTUAL standards and then get back with me. They are in English and relatively understandable.This issue is embarrassing to me as a conservative.  

Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on March 25, 2014 at 6:27pm

Ed, the law did not pass. We are now concentrating on electing school board members that will repeal Common Core. 

Comment by ed vance on March 25, 2014 at 5:01pm

What's new with the new law passed?  How many systems have indicated they will drop common core?

Comment by The Murphy Monkey on November 4, 2011 at 9:08pm
CARPOOLING AVAILABLE for the Counter CCSSI Meeting in Montgomery, AL on Nov. 8, 2011. Add your name to this comment section or email rainydaypatriots@gmail.com Thank You! The RDP Team
Comment by The Murphy Monkey on November 4, 2011 at 8:23pm

Counter CCSSI Upcoming meeting in Montgomery, AL Nov. 8, 2011 Here's the link: http://rainydaypatriots.ning.com/page/counter-ccssi-upcoming-meeting


Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on October 11, 2011 at 9:51am
THANK all of you who have contacted your state board members and asked them to rescind their adoption of common core standards (also called national standards)
which will lead to a federal takeover of education, taking away the authority from parents, teachers and local school boards as to what our children will learn.  We
have learned that common core standards is more about indoctrination than enlightenment.  However, it has been difficult for some of our state school board members
to accept this.  They keep relying on a resolution they passed at the same time they adopted national standards, stating that control would remain with Alabama.
That resolution has been violated and does not protect Alabama.  Alabama is fully committed to the centerpiece of the Obama administration and unless the school
board rescinds its vote to force Alabama into nationalized education, our parents will no longer have influence over their children's education, teachers will no longer be
able to write/teach their own lesson plans, and the citizens of Alabama will no longer have education sovereignty under the Tenth AmendmentThe attached letter 
signed by legislators makes this clear.  Hopefully, those state school board members who have been repeatedly misled by state school administrators will now listen to 
their constituents and vote to rescind their November 18, 2010 vote.  I understand a vote by the state school board could come as early as October 13.  So please contact 
your individual school board member and ask him/her to vote to rescind the November 18, 2010 vote.  This is urgent!
If your senator or representative signed the attached letter, please thank them for having the courage to stand up for Alabama and our children!  
Many legislators were asked but so far only these 14 have put their names forward to keep education decisions at the local and state level -- not at the federal level!
Club Presidents, please forward this email to your members.   
You are once again making a dramatic difference by your contacts with state school board members.  Already schools are hiring new instructors to teach how to implement
common core (after laying off/firing many teachers because of a shortage of funds), and Alabama will be forced to spend millions of dollars to implement common core, given
the example of other states.  We don't have the money for this and we don't want more federal intervention into our lives!  Your calls, emails, and letters are most important!
Tremendous thanks!  

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