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What is the UN's Agenda 21 Project and how can I COUNTER AGENDA 21 ?

[Agenda 21 is a two-decade old, grand plan for global ’Sustainable Development,’ brought to you from the United Nations. George H.W. Bush (and 177 other world leaders) agreed to it back in 1992, and in 1995, Bill Clinton signed Executive Order #12858, creating a Presidential Council on ‘Sustainable Development.’ This effectively pushed the UN plan into America’s large, churning government machine without the need for any review or discussion by Congress or the American people.

‘Sustainable Development’ sounds like a nice idea, right?  It sounds nice, until you scratch the surface and find that Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are really cloaked plans to impose the tenets of Social Justice/Socialism on the world.

At risk from Agenda 21;

  • Private Property ownership
  • Single-Family homes
  • Private car ownership and individual travel choices
  • Privately owned farms]

To Read more visit the Blaze...........

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White Paper on Agenda 21 and Forever Wild 3 Replies

Many of our members and Alabama residents are very concerned about Forever Wild being part of the United Nations Agenda 21 program.  Please review the information compiled here and make your own…Continue

Started by Rainy Day Patriots. Last reply by Rainy Day Patriots Oct 28, 2013.


To help you make your voices heard....PopVox is a great tool if you don't know about it..... Show your support for HR1146 (withdraw the US from the UN)  This website will allow you to either SUPPORT…Continue

Tags: HR1146

Started by Mary Richmond Jun 6, 2012.

Agenda 21 Action Alert!!!

    Please call your US Representative and get them to commit to co-sponsoring HR1146.   So far, there is only one co-sponsor for this bill.   Actually, this bill has been submitted a number of times…Continue

Started by Mary Richmond Jun 5, 2012.

Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21

Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control that was…Continue

Started by Rainy Day Patriots May 24, 2012.

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Comment by Terry Richmond, MAJ USA Ret on December 22, 2013 at 1:51pm

You have to read this to believe it -- "The Most Corrupt County in America" Agenda 21 advocates make A&E's actions look tame -- Read here

Comment by Mary Richmond on August 6, 2013 at 3:54pm

Check out these videos.......keep spreading the word!!

Ann E. shared this information with me recently.  It is a reminder that we have to be ever vigilant in regards to Agenda 21 because it goes by many names, as you know.  …….. 

“Below are two links to videos.  The first is a video of a city council meeting in Vero Beach, Florida where Mr. Andres Duany has promoted Plan Seven50.  In Alabama this plan is called ClearPlan 2030 and includes 10 counties in East Alabama and sets up a regional plan for the area.  Meetings are being held now in each of the East Alabama counties which includes Talladega, Calhoun, Clay, Cleburne, Randolph and others.  You must view this video if you want to know what YOU are about to be a part of.  Notice at the 14:40 mark on the video the map of the United States that shows where these plans are being implemented RIGHT NOW if you do not stop it.  IT IS IN EVERY STATE.  Whether it is Seven50 in Florida, Plan Bay Area in California, or Granite State Future in NH, they are one of the same, based on the same principles.


The second video is of Mr. Duany making his Seven50 presentation.  It is over 2 hours long.  You will get very upset watching it.” 


You may not make it through Duany’s 2 hr. presentation….but listen to some of it.  It won’t take long for you to know what it’s all about.




http://youtu.be/NNQZtLTOYcY   (City Council Meeting & Global Agenda)



http://youtu.be/wfOOEphEfVc    (Andres Duany Speech) 2 Hrs.




Comment by Mary Richmond on November 5, 2012 at 3:05pm

Unsure about how to vote on Forever Wild?

This from Ken Freeman:

Amendment # 1 (The Forever Wild Amendment)
Gun owners and hunters of Alabama , you are being deceived!
Listed among the strongest supporters of Alabama’s Forever Wild program (those listed on their web site as “Friends of Forever Wild”), is practically every radical, gun hating environmental group in the world, and yet hunters and gun owners are being led to believe that Forever Wild will keep hunting lands open for hunters “forever.”

And these radical environmental groups are putting their money where their heart is. The Sierra Club gave $50,000 to Forever Wild to help set up its funding programs. The Nature Conservancy has contributed over $430,000 to Forever Wild this year and likewise designated most of it for advertising - $357,000 was contributed by TNC in September alone. And this is just the money we know of. Who knows how much more money has been contributed by these and other world wide environmental organizations.

This “Re-funding” campaign has hired dozens of professional advertisers who have flooded the airways and print media with their slick, feel good, “touchy feely” ads about mother nature and public hunting in Alabama. In the smoke screen created by this media blitz, it is easy to forget the nature and the true purpose of those behind this deception.

But just ask yourself this:
If the Nature Conservancy owned this land, would it be open for hunting?
If the Sierra Club owned this land would it be open for hunting?
If the World Wildlife Federation owned this land, would it be open for hunting?
Etc. Etc. Etc on down the list of radical groups supporting Forever Wild.

Why would these radical groups, all of whom are outspoken advocates of Agenda 21 and the United Nations sponsored “Wildlands Project” spend so much money to provide hunters a place to hunt? Why in your wildest dreams would they do that? (The Wildlands Project’s stated goal is to set aside sixty percent of the land in North America as “human free,” much less “hunter free,” and buffer zones against human intrusion.) These environmental groups will promise you anything, and they might even temporarily open some land to hunting in order to promote the illusion, and then be able to take control of more property. But how long do you think it will be before the sign on their gate will change to, “NO HUNTING- FOREVER”?

As a gun owner, and a hunter, you should know a BAITED TRAP when you see it.

Re-funding Forever Wild will make available up to three hundred million dollars to buy Alabama land and then place it in the hands of these self proclaimed anti-gun, anti-hunter environmentalists.

Re-funding Forever Wild will result in less land for hunting - not more. Stop the loss of hunting land in Alabama and the expansion of these human free zones.

On Nov. 6 th vote NO on Amendment #1.
Ken Freeman, Alliance for Citizens’ Rights



Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on July 26, 2012 at 9:44am

All are welcome to help the Paint Florida Red Team make phone calls. Join the Paint Florida Red Team today!

Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on July 23, 2012 at 10:46am

Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on July 22, 2012 at 8:29pm

Anyone interested in helping our Paint Florida Red Team make calls? These folks are doing all they can in Florida!

Obama - Biden
Brenda --

Next weekend, we'll be 100 days away from Election Day.

We've got a lot of voters to get registered and ready for this election -- and that's part of why First Lady Michelle Obama just launched a new effort called It Takes One.

The idea behind it is pretty simple: One person reaching out to another, bringing in one person at a time, is what will make all the difference. She's challenging us all to bring one new person along every time we take action for this campaign -- whether that's chipping in a few dollars, registering to vote, or showing up at the It Takes One weekend of action in Florida on Saturday, July 28th, and Sunday, July 29th.

Folks from Alabama will be making calls or traveling to Florida for the weekend of action, to register voters and reach out to folks there to talk about President Obama's accomplishments -- alongside that one new person they asked to join them for the day.

Can you go -- and bring someone else along?

One hundred days isn't a lot of time. But if you can make it out this weekend, and your friend can, too, you'll be able to reach twice as many people in this key battleground state.

Those people you reach are going to bring in others, who'll bring in others -- and it's going to keep getting bigger from there. With all those new people stepping up, the organizing we've got to do over these next 100 days will be many times easier.

That's how this organization has always worked -- and at this special weekend of action, we'll get to see that idea directly in action, in a whole new way.

So RSVP now -- and start thinking about who you're going to bring:




Jeremy Bird
National Field Director
Obama for America
Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on April 20, 2012 at 8:12pm
Protecting Private Property Rights and Due Process under the Constitution – (Anti-Agenda 21 Act)

** Please call and email Senator Dial and thank him for his sponsoring SB477   _____________________________________________________

This Bill  would go a long way toward stopping the implementation of  United Nations Agenda-21 policies in Alabama, by requiring that all citizens be given their due process protections as  guaranteed by both the US and the Alabama Constitutions and would prevent the imposition of “Foreign or International Law” instead of constitutional law.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 Summary of Agenda 21
 Why is this so important?
continued in next to comment panes:
Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on April 20, 2012 at 8:11pm
continued from above:
Note: Several of the quotes below come from an article entitled, "Agenda-21 is poison to America .”… by Alan Gottlieb
In 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was held in Rio de Janeiro to discuss global initiatives. 172 governments attended and 108 sent their heads  of state. And about 2,400 representatives of non-governmental  organizations (NGOs) showed up for the "Global Forum."
This group of POWERFUL world leaders came up with a plan for a centrally ruled global society. They called that plan Agenda 21. The plan's contract would make governments around the world a slave to the every wish and whim of the United Nations.
How would this new world order affect you and me, 
UN Agenda 21 would dictate...
•Where we live
•What we eat
•How and what we learn
•Where and when we can move (if at all)
Here's how the UN describes it themselves:
"Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced; a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment           of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human           action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level."
Following this plan, Obama, has vowed to "fundamentally transform America ."  On June 9, 2011 he signed Presidential Executive Order 13575 and established the White House Rural Council (WHRC). This new administrative body is responsible for federally coordinating and implementing sustainability and green development locally.
Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on April 20, 2012 at 8:10pm
Continue from above
Here is an excerpt from EO 13575:
Section 1. Policy- Sustainable rural communities are essential  to winning the future and ensuring American competitiveness in the years ahead.
Sustainable, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, all = Agenda 21
“UN Agenda 21 is a transnational attempt to erode property rights, destroy freedom and make America submissive to foreign bureaucrats.”…Alan M. Gottlieb, AmeriPAC
Immediate Action Required:
Please contact these Senators and ask them to support SB477.
Comment by Rainy Day Patriots on April 20, 2012 at 7:15pm



Protecting Due Process under the Constitution – (Anti-Agenda 21 Act) 

Sponsor: Rep. Steve McMillan

*Please call and email Representative McMillan and thank him for his sponsoring HB-618 at  (334-242-7723)  or  bcld07@gmail.com   _____________________________________________________

HB-618 is in the Commerce and Small Business Committee

This Wednesday at 3PM. HB-618 will come up for a vote in committee. Please call and email the following members of this committee (Call Monday thru Wednesday) and ask them to help get it out of committee with a favorable vote.

Make your messages polite and to the point. 

* *(Call the ones with red stars first please)* *

* *Chairman:  Rep. Jack Williams (334-242-7779) or  (205-414-7410) jack@jackwilliams.org 

Rep. Craig Ford (334-242-7690)  or  (256-413-7611) 

* * Rep. Richard Baughn (334-242-7593) or (800-877-7634)


Rep. David Colson  (334-242-7535) or (334-548-5475)


* * Rep. Barry Moore (334-242-7773) or (334-393-4264)


* * Rep. Kurt Wallace (334-242-7772) or (334-366-4689)



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