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Congratulations! You are the Person of the Year.


World Net Daily, which I sometimes read, sometimes laugh at, and sometimes agree with, hit the nail on the head with this one. The “people” are indeed the “Person” of the year. Of course WND said the tea party folks, true enough of course (they are my kind of folk), but the United State Citizen is the most important person in the world right now.… Continue

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Was passage of Health Care in the Senate a symptom of a larger problem?

While the United States is undoubtedly blessed like no other land has ever been –

She is falling horribly short of her potential and failing to fully exploit the blessings that God has granted, and it’s our fault


While it’s easy to place the blame for the current state of our country on outrageous spending, excessive taxation, government intrusion, and ill advised social and economic policies –

The fact is the blame falls squarely at the feet of our… Continue

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Tim James Credits Tea Party Crowd for Rep. Parker Griffith's Defection

Here's the money line from the blog entry on his campaign site:

"It must have been tough for Congressman Griffith when he came back home during congressional breaks," wrote James. "I know that many of you pressed him hard to learn how he intended to vote on health care and other important issues. If it hadn’t been for your efforts, I wonder whether the… Continue

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Senator Sessions talked with CBO last night

Jeff Sessions spoke with the CBO director last night about the $500 billion cut to Medicare to fund the Health care bill. The accounting is a farce because it shows savings twice. Actually it will add to the deficit. A press conference will be in an hour, 10:30am.

Keep praying....there is hope!

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Tea Party Movement Backed Conservative Leads Kentucky GOP Senate Primary

The new survey of Kentucky by Public Policy Polling (D) gives Rand Paul, a conservative activist and son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), a huge lead over the establishment candidate in the Republican primary for Senate in 2010.

The numbers: Rand Paul 44%, Secretary of State Trey Grayson 25%. Grayson was recruited to run in place of two-term GOP Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring. Paul, however, has mobilized his campaign around the Tea Party movement and his outsider conservative… Continue

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We can still stop ObamaCare!

While millions across the country gather with family and friends on Christmas Eve, the Senate may be working overtime to take away even more of our freedoms by voting on Harry Reid’s health care scheme.

Campaign for Liberty activists from across the country have been burning up the phone lines in key states to alert thousands of Americans to this threat, but every liberty-minded person across America needs to call their senators immediately and repeatedly.

You see, I'm… Continue

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Senate votes in favor of Cloture on Health Care Bill 60-40

Yep, 1:19am EST 12/21/2009 Senate voted for Cloture 60-40 on the Senate Health Care Bill.

What that means is that debate on the bill has been limited to 30 hours and the clock has started.

This isn't a surprise, as new came out Saturday that Ben Nelson's vote was bribed with extra benefits for his state of Nebraska.

BUT, it's NOT over.

First, there are two more cloture votes give the Republican Senators two more chances to filibuster this bill.

In… Continue

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Rainy Day Patriots on CBS 42 Tonight

Hey all,
We got good coverage about our protest of the Health Care bill tonight on CBS 42 10:00 news.
Kimberly Rankin really did a good job basically giving free advertising about RDP.

Check out the web page article that was put up on the CBS 42 site

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How The Party Can Revitalize

“If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read "President Can't Swim”

-President Lyndon B. Johnson

This statement was directed at the press, but is also illustrates quite well the level of political discourse in this nation as it has existed for the past few decades. Since well before the election was held on November 4 there has been some consternation as to where the Republican Party is going, and what… Continue

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Palin? Yes! But not yet

I like Sarah Palin… A lot.

I do not however like her as President – not now at least

Here’s why

I believe the most pressing issue this country is faced with is not the economy, or health care but rather international terrorism. If we are constantly under the threat of being attacked – possibly by a nuclear armed unstable nation – then all the domestic issues we face are merely a distraction.

I am completely confident the US will be hit again and I… Continue

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Who Makes Foreign Policy?

The media, Congress, and the American public all seem to have accepted something that is patently untrue: namely, that foreign policy is the domain of the president and not Congress. This is absolutely not the case and directly contrary to what our founding fathers wanted.

The role of the president as Commander in Chief is to direct our armed forces in carrying out policies established by the American people through their representatives in Congress. He is not authorized to make… Continue

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A Conversation with Mark Lloyd, FCC Chief Diversity Officer - This is a true story - About me.

A Conversation with Mark Lloyd, FCC Chief Diversity Officer

December 16, 2009

I actually talked to Mark Lloyd this morning!! He’s one of Obama’s Czars who says he’s not a czar. Actually, he is the FCC Chief Diversity Officer. He is the one we hear about who is going to probably affect free speech, shut down conservative talk radio as well as control internet content. And, he’s another one that has called the angry American patriots “right wing extremists”. And that’s not all, but I… Continue

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Senators Shelby and Sessions - Why?

Nov. 22 marked the 46th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination. Before his death he signed executive order 11110 to unburden Americans from relying on the Federal Reserve System to print our dollars. This order returned our money to a stable silver-based standard. Only a few billion of the new silver certificates were ever released before President Johnson stopped the issuance.

Since then, politicians have been able to bilk Americans because of an unending piggy bank at the… Continue

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I Lst My Cool Today!!

I heard Mr. Obama speak on National Television today and got so angry, I went straight to my PC and wrote Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby an email. I was VERY blunt!! What I saw on TV was Obama lying through his teeth. He actually SAID that the American People WANTED this Healthcare plan. All he had to do was look out the window!!! Here is the email I wrote to the Alabama Senators:

Dear Senator _______

I am afraid I'm going to have to be very blunt with this message. I… Continue

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A Little History To Start Us Off

This great experiment called American democracy did not come about easily. Those who settled the colonies and the framers of the Constitution did so with a sense of purpose, yet decisions and compromises were essential. One of the greatest debates in which the delegates to the Constitutional Convention engaged was in deciding the structure of our legislature. In particular, the assignment of delegates to the legislative body was placing the delegates at odds.

Early in the debate… Continue

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Thought he might have been a fair person, should have known better.

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